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It's time for the reef

Last Updated on 20 January 2015

Winning the fight for the GREAT BARRIER REEF will depend on our individual values when we head for the ballot box Saturday 31 January 2015 - prepoll available now. 


Protecting conserving enhancing understanding and educating about the values of the natural environment are values Logan and Albert Association LACA members share as core principles.

This 2015 election we believe it's time for the reef!

#FightfortheReef #QldVotes

As the only living organism visible from space, and one of the wonders of the world, it should be valued forits own intrinsic values.

But in addition it provides a livlihood for people of our state. In so doing, the Reef raises 6 billion dollars annually for Queensland's economy and provides 60 000 long term jobs

Premier Newman recently claimed the reef was "pretty healthy now" - even though he had just received the latest Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Report clearly stating that ‘the overall outlook for the Great Barrier Reef is poor and getting worse

….and is expected to further deteriorate in the future’   

So without a voice at this election, the Reef is without a future!

Late last year, as the whole world listened, President Obama made a passionate plea to our government to protect the Reef.  Now it’s our turn.

At this election can you let the LNP government know what you think about their ‘wrong’ plan for the reef by sending them a clear message?

Earlier this year LACA hosted a Climate Action meeting at Springwood a public meeting to urge the Newman Government to reverse its ‘Alice in Blunderland’ approach to climate change action and Reef protection.

See this article http://theconversation.com/six-things-queenslands-next-government-must-do-to-save-the-great-barrier-reef-36258? to gain understanding .....


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