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Queensland Herbarium confirm declared water weed pest

Last Updated on Monday, 12 August 2013 00:22

hymenachne.jpgHymenachne, one of Australia's top 20 weeds of concern, was found at Logan Village by Council staff January 2009 and later confirmed by the Queensland Herbarium. Logan City Council's pest management officers located and made the first recorded sighting of the infestation in South East Queensland.

Like many of our weed species now, hymenachne was introduced to Australia from South America to provide ponded pasture for cattle. It has become an unwanted pest of stream banks, wetlands and irrigation ditches in coastal areas of central and north Queensland - and now at Logan Village is close to the Logan River. It is a declared a Class 2 species under Queensland's Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 meaning it has already spread over substantial areas of Queensland, but its impact is so serious, we need to try to control it to avoid further spread onto properties still free from it.

Hymenachne grows from seed and from broken stem fragments. A single flower stalk can produce more than 4,000 seeds. Read more on biosecurity website at this page.

More information from Logan about plants to avoid is available here - before hymenachne was included

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