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VIABLE Park Ridge Connector (PRC) arterial - or not!!

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20



VIABLE Park Ridge Connector (PRC)  arterial - or not???

What is The Park Ridge Connector (PRC)? See TMR  link here for an explanation


What is your vision for South East Queensland - specifically the new Logan area

 - listed in government documents as Mt  Lindesay North Beaudesert Study Area. It has been and will continue to be subject to processes called "investigation" in various South East Queensland Regional Plans. As a conservation group LACA's major concern is that the landscape is being fragmented into a patchwork mishmash of disconnected bits of bushland - without long term seasonal studies of flora and fauna.

Significant areas of wetlands and regional ecosystems are threathened by these processes and archaic planning processes. To their credit Logan City and Main Roads gathered a Community Stakeholder Reference Group to determine VIABILITY of a road corridor through the new urban area of Park Ridge.

Community feedback is now being sought - without there being any analysis or discussion of the real costs if intact areas of natural environment are destroyed by a clever piece of engineering.

Globally nations have been talking about TEEB  - THE ECONOMICS OF ECOSYSTEMS AND BIODIVERSITY and many nations are placing a value on the benefits we receive freely from nature. The loss of functioning biodiversity has not been included in the economic analysis!!

What does viable mean? The CSRG were told - as you are told - we need this motorway to move freight. There are other options - none of which were discussed at CSRG meetings - but should be discussed.

A timely article appears in the current issue of GMAGAZINE - How the Dutch got their cycle paths. Enjoy the video here 

Dutch cities could not cope with the traffic, recognized the peak oil situation and economic crisis. People power helped government to acquire A POLITICAL WILL TO CHANGE. Can we take some advise from Ablert Einstein who said


We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them


Check out the refined area of interest for a major motorway at this link

If you are concerned about the nonviabilty of a six lane 100 metre freight road corridor please make that clear on your feedback form.

Consider coming along to a LACA meeting to discuss options and work towards creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

 Contact Anne Page President3297 0624 Kathy Faldt Vice President or Ted Fensom from BREC [Brisbane Regional Environment Council] 3801 1208 to discuss your concerns.

It is also important to discuss your concerns with both your local councillor and  Logan CEO. Contact also Minister for Roads and Minister for Environment.





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