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Last Updated on Sunday, 30 September 2012 01:45

save-greenbankA new development application has been lodged by Teviot Downs Estate Pty Ltd on the same land as the previous application. This time the application is for 1017 Lots with a total of 1054 dwellings and an anticipated population increase of 2635 people in these initial stages. Their ongoing plans is for 1400 dwellings with 3500 people.

Although another planning group has prepared the application all of our previous concerns remain - and possibly more.

Jimboomba Times ran an article on the page 18, regarding the "new" proposed development for Greenbank. Can we ask all of you to please read this article, and reply back to Save Greenbank (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your disapproval letter?

The SAVE GREENBANK COMMITTEE will collate all letters when meeting with all our local politicians: Ian Rickuss, and Michael Pucci (member for Logan) and Cr Trevina Schwarz Division11.

In the Year for Sustainable Development, and by an applicant touting corporate social responsibility it is disappointing that the application has NOTHING to commend its sustainability - except  perhaps the financial gains of the developer if this DA is approved. See DA at ULDA website

Proposed Development permit is for material change of use for house, multiple residential, community facility, and utility installation, and reconfiguring a lot (1 into 1017 residential lots, 1 community lot, 1 utility installation lot, 8 balance lots, new road and park).

See the plan here. If you live anywhere in the former Beaudesert area and changes in density to original application will impact on your lifestyle and your values and appreciation for the natural environment.

SEVERE IMPACT on local wildlife without any infrastructure to help local species to survive is a major concern for LACA. The associated costs for wildlife trauma are paid by individual wildlife carers.

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