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ECOLOTS proposed in MIRVAC - AREA 2 Southeast section

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 April 2017 00:43

ECOLOTS proposed in MIRVAC development - AREA 2 South-east section of site 

Since 70 - 75  ECOLOTS in Area 2 are indicated as subject to FUTURE INVESTIGATIONS  (See p10 -11 EDQ Development Application) – this means that the community is unable to have certainty now about this. 

The 70 – 75 Eco lot Precinct in AREA 2 should be removed from the Context Plan and added to the Conservation Zone. 

An ECOLOT would place that piece of land in private ownership with a COVENANT. While the concept has merit the number of individual properties having to comply with governance over vegetation and land usage - to be managed by local council or state raises many issues and concerns.

ecolot southeast cornerPotential Eco Lot Precinct SE corner - subject to further investigation

 The Area 2 ECOLOTS were proposed to include covenants – who will enforce this? Past experiences of building envelopes and covenants have not been enforced by Logan City Council ( e.g. Bluff Rd corridors on QM Properties approved by Beaudesert Shire Council, building envelope regulations being relaxed with trees being removed where significant trees had been left by developers e.g. Carron Place at Jimboomba Woods, local residents selling property and covenants no longer applying to the property e,g, tree clearing )

 The Area 2 ECOLOT Precinct contains vegetation both Endangered and Of concern Regional Ecosystem. The Medium Value Bushland Koala Habitat Values in the south-east corner has connectivity to community koala sightings to the SE of the MIRVAC property e.g. Appaloosa Court, Greenhill Rd, Crowson Lane.

 The 70 – 75 Eco Lot Precinct in AREA 2 should be removed from the Context Plan and added to the Conservation Zone.

Placing Eco Lot Precinct in the Conservation Zone will give greater protection to Norris Creek Catchment by protecting the habitat and land around the southern tributary of Norris Creek. It will connect the northern Conservation Zone with this southern area to make a larger Conservation Zone Area along the whole of the east side of the MIRVAC property

Queensland State Planning Policy SPP and mapping indicate that Matters of state environmental significance ( MSES Biodiversity)ie Wildlife Habitat exists over the whole of Area 2. Matters of state environmental significance (MSES) for the planning framework are defined in Part G: Glossary under the SPP and spatially represented on the SPP Interactive Mapping System. These values are defined, where possible, and protected under Queensland legislation. The SPP employs a 'maintain and enhance' approach to managing MSES values.

Logan City Council Planning Scheme Overlays also show this southern section containing part of their Biodiversity Corridor.


70 -75 ECOLOT Precinct proposes traffic access via Serengetti Drive and Heathcote Ct in Munruben into the South-East section of the MIRVAC property through quiet local streets . These streets receive very minimal local resident traffic now. Increasing traffic tp potentially an additional 140 – 150 vehicles per day through quiet local streets (presently have cul de sacs)poses increased roadkill and injury risks to fauna e.g. koalas, eastern grey kangaroos and red neck wallabies which use this habitat on the south-east and east side of the MIRVAC property and places greater risks on the fauna of Wearings Reserve.

Increased traffic ( 140 – 150 + vehicles per day) will occur on Serengetti Drive, Heathcote Ct, Greenhill Rd, Kensington Drive, Kooringal Rd, Crowson Lane with increased traffic, noise and safety concerns for local residents of the rural residential area of MUNRUBEN.

Read summary docxMIRVAC_PROPOSED_ecolots.docx 


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