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Were YOU EVER consulted about North Maclean Enterprise Precinct?

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 November 2015 04:36

Documentation relating to North Maclean Enterprise Precinct claims there has been "extensive" community consultation.

survey3All documents are available from links at http://reelplanning.com/epbc-act-referral-20136941-public-notification/

Can you provide a comment about level of opportunity for community consultation you had for

North Maclean? It has been a difficult process to follow with multiple name changes. Who would think that Greater Flagstone included North Maclean?

It is at least 8 kilometres away and shares no adjacent suburb boundary or even same POSTCODE? 

A "North Maclean" search of this website for Logan and Albert Conservation Association Inc LACA will produce many articles which together reveal that community has had issues with level of consultation available. There is a timelime here  http://www.laca.org.au/images/stories/COMMUNITY_CONSULTATION_COMMENTS_MADE_history_2004-2011.pdf

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REALLY the only consultation was done by a community group called NBSAG NORTH BEAUDESERT SHIRE ACTION GROUP that was formed to gather data from local residents and respond to the SEQ Regional Plan during the SEQRP consultation phase. The group succeeded in having the then Beaudesert Shire Council recommend the precint be removed from the SEQRP. With the later plan it became an investigation area for industrial activities.http://www.laca.org.au/images/stories/bsc_mr_3april2007_nmep.pdf

Logan and Albert Conservation Association aka LACA has been denied access to all background studies relating to this planning - since 2005. Neither Scenic Rim or Logan will provide access - but these documents are part of the basis for the planning for planning - now in Logan.

We are very concerned that adequate fauna studies - and also flora - have not been conducted to allow our governments to make decisions about these areas based on sound planning and data. If governments believe an area no longer has ecological values then poor decisions can be made.

If  governments do not know what local community value then decisions can be made that fail to cater for your lifestyle choices. All too often those with most financial gains to be made have the ear of governments. Business as usual will not produce any ecologically sustainable development

 Surely our "victory" with Beaudesert Shire Council should have been the end? http://www.laca.org.au/images/stories/bsc_mr_3april2007_nmep.pdf

NOT SO when the area was amalgamated with Logan City Council http://www.laca.org.au/images/stories/north_maclean_issues_remain.pdf

Identified growth areas were previously called INVESTIGATION AREAS. They still require investigation for ways to include them in the URBAN FOOTPRINT in the future. 

There has never been an investigation involving residents and NO FAUNA STUDIES have been done. Logan City Council produced a document called “Growth Management – Core Matters” . Click title linked to read on council's website to read.  It remained a CONFIDENTIAL document until SEQRP South East Queensland Regional Plan was released. The next SEQ Regional Plan where we could comment was due at end of 2014. 

If there has been "extensive" consultation it was not with community. Possibly with council or UDA 

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