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This could possibly be our only and last chance to object.

NORTH MACLEAN streams LoganRiverThere was a public notice in the Jimboomba Times last week for the North Maclean industrial area - known as North Maclean Enterprise Precinct.This Federal Government public comment period commenced on 23 February and closes by COB 5pm 9 March. The community has an opportunity to comment about this matter in this time frame. LACA members have spoken with people in the local area this week and since 2005 about this issue,  and the community still is very much opposed to this , just as it has been since 2005 when it was proposed in the Mt Lindesay North Beaudesert Study Area under the Office of Urban Management and later included in the SEQRP – Queensland Goverment. 

The current proposed application is for the property bordered by Crowson Lane to north, Mt Lindesay Highway to the east, rural residential properties to the south and west. The surrounding land use is rural residential to the north, east, south and west of the property. map shows several streams flowing into the Logan River.

There is no final plan at this stage and the application states this . There is no final stormwater plan. There is no detailed environmental impact assessment for the community to comment on. There has been no traffic report for this site. There is no information about any proposed hours of operation. No needs case has ever been presented for the North Maclean Enterprise Precinct . There is no plan indicated for buffers to the surrounding community – the applicant states their intention is to clear the whole 117 hectares.

The lack of information given to the community about this proposed development has continued for at least 10 years by both local and state government. This is extremely concerning, especially because the community has been told for many years by local and state government, that further investigations were necessary on the property and that ‘context plans’ will be made available for the community to be consulted about in due course in the future. There is still no detailed studies or investigations or context plans at this stage for the community to comment on as part of this Federal Government EPBC Referral Preliminary Assessment.

In 2014, the Logan City Council (LCC) proposed a new Draft Planning Scheme – during this process local residents contacted LCC town planners by telephone to ask advice about how to comment about the North Maclean Industrial Area. LACA president was specifically concerned that there was no evidence on the Draft Planning Scheme of any provisions for buffers for the existing rural residential communities. LACA was told that the North Maclean Enterprise Area was a state government matter and that there would be another opportunity to comment about the North Maclean Enterprise Precinct at another time. However, LACA president and members still included comments about the North Maclean Enterprise Precinct in submissions to LCC in 2014. This is only one example of how the community is not being consulted at any planning stage by local or state government about this matter. 

LACA has prepared a template you may wish to use. docTemplate__your-comments_EPBC_NorthMaclean_2013-6941.doc08/03/2015, 11:44

Use what is relevant to you - delete or expand as you have time

BUT PLEASE  make and send comments by CLOSE OF BUSINESS ie 5pm Monday 9 March

We believe it would be in community interest to also copy your submission to Deb Callister in the DoE (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), who has been the delegate to date and is likely to make the final decision. Other email addresses are included in template.

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