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TIMELINE - brief history of proposed North Maclean as an industrial precinct

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 November 2015 04:37

“A proposal to establish a single area for light industries may be favourably considered in the Maclean area ”  (Beaudesert Shire Council Strategic Plan 1996)

Pre 1996 North Maclean was zoned rural residential – industrial use was not compatible in this area

1996 Beaudesert shire council changed the zoning of an area at North Maclean to industry on their strategic plan. There was never any community consultation about the suitability of industry in an existing rural residential area.

July 2005 SEQRP released identifying Mt Lindesay North Beaudesert Area (Mt Lindesay North     Beaudesert Area) for further investigation

October 2005 Office of Urban Management OUM (State Government)  Mt Lindesay North Beaudesert Investigation for South-East Queensland Regional Plan ( SEQRP Amendment 1). North Maclean Enterprise Precinct (industrial area) extended from the Mt Lindesay Highway to the Greenbank interstate railway line.

Jan-March 2006 A community group north Beaudesert Shire Action Group NBSAG surveyed almost 1000 people  - 89% opposed industry at North Maclean.                                                                    

North Maclean Enterprise Precinct was added to the South-East Queensland Regional Plan  (Amendment 2006). 

March 2007 Beaudesert Shire Council ordinary meeting moved –

there is no need or justification for the North Maclean Enterprise Precinct …industrial land can be met in other developments across the shire

May 2007 Beaudesert shire council requested the OUM remove the North Maclean industrial area –

 “it is constrained by powerlines, flooding and environmental considerations, plus the need for buffering to nearby rural residential areas …North Maclean is not required…the area should be removed from the SEQRP”

July 2007 State government reply to Beaudesert Shire Council –

it is not appropriate to reconsider the North Maclean designation at this stage. A formal review of the SEQRP will commence in 2008…any amendments will be considered during this process 

March 2008 Local council amalgamations

Northern areas of Beaudesert Shire Council (including North Maclean industrial area ) become part of Logan City Council.

Council elections were held in March 2008 for new councillors - allowing new councillors having no knowledge of rural residential values to make decisions about future directions for the area.

LCC councillors vote in support of local growth core matters document to submit to SEQRP review. North Maclean industrial area was included in this document

This was a confidential document not to be released until after SEQRP was released

May 2009 SEQRP Review (2009-2031) North Maclean industrial area is still in the plans 

July 2009  Logan City Council – $50 000 set aside in budget by LCC was not matched by state government (state money redirected to koala taskforce) . No koala surveys ever done e.g. West LCC ( areas that were once Beaudesert Shire Council) 

18 Dec 2009  LCC releases 3 plan options for ‘Greater Flagstone ’ – North Maclean was in all 3 options . The community had no choice in saying ‘no’ to the North Maclean industrial area. The local community has still never been consultated about industry in a rural residential area.

Only 125 submissions were received for Greater Flagstone plans. The final plan for Greater Flagstone included North Maclean industrial area ( 4-5 timeslarger than the industry planned for the Flagstone area). 

greater flagstone UDA20 May 2011  State government approves Greater Flagstone plan, including North Maclean

July 2011 Section 30 notice Greater Flagstone UDA proposed development scheme ( affected owners) UDA = Urban Development Area

Oct 2011 Read Development Scheme published and linked here for  Greater     Flagstone  Urban Development Area  

July 2013  Applicant (Wearings Pty Ltd)  first submits to federal government to develop property at  4499-4651 Mt Lindesay Highway – EPBC 2013/6941) at North Maclean (corner of Mt Lindesay Highway & Crowson Lane). Federal government declares it is a controlled action under Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act  EPBC because of threatened species known in the area e.g. koalas, spotted-tailed quolls, grey headed flying fox.

2014  SEQRP South East Queensland Regional Plan due for 5 year review – this did not occur under LNP state goverment (pre-election year)

July 2014 State government  department – State Development, Infrastructure and Planning approve an application for a sand and gravel storage and distribution facility at the North Maclean industrial area site (Wearco – 4499-4651 Mt Lindesay Highway - dev 2014/580)  .

No public notification period – the use was deemed suitable to the intended “industral use” and under Greater Flagstone structure plan this was allowed. 

Jan 2015 State government elections – new ALP government

Feb – 9 March 2015  Federal government EPBC referral preliminary assessment ( threatened species) – public notification in relation to application by Wearco Pty Ltd to develop North Maclean site – intention to clear the whole 289 acres ( 45% of the total industrial area proposed for total North Maclean industrial area) . This is a precedent development for the area.  

16 July 2015  Wearco report to respond to the issues raised by the community and a final report with a  40 usiness day decision making period commenced for EPBC

Report is available online until 3 August 2015 at http://reelplanning.com/wp-content/uploads/Final-Preliminary-Documentation-Report-Part-1.pdf

The community has no further opportunity to be consulted about this matter.

The federal environment minister Mr Greg Hunt or a delegated officer will make a decision.

Logan City Council - Logan Office of Economic Development LOED lodged a submission to support this development - based on the economic arguments put forward by developer and LCC's decision from 2008.

2016 Due for federal government and Logan City Council elections - with new mayor and some changed councillors

2016 after elections SEQRP South East Queensland Regional Plan review is expected.


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