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What is a Key Resource Area? KRA

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

Queensland Government introduced a new Policy ( 2007) which seeks to maintain the long-term availability of major extractive resources by protecting these resources and their main transport routes from incompatible land uses. Incompatible development within areas identified as key resource areas will be excluded as of September 2007, providing increased protection and secured viability of the extractive industry in some parts of Queensland. The new State Planning Policy (SPP) and Supporting Guideline, which was adopted under the Integrated Planning Act 1999 (Qld) took effect from September 2007. It will have positive ramifications for developers, miners and associated entities who seek approval for extractive activities within a key resource area.

Purpose of State Planning Policies (SPP) in Queensland is to set out the State Government's interest in development-related economic, social, or environmental issues that can be implemented through planning schemes and development assessment.

The purpose of State Planning Policy 2/07 Protection of Extractive Resources is to identify those extractive resources of State or regional significance where extractive industry development is appropriate, and protect those resources from developments that might prevent or severely constrain current or future extraction when the need for the resource arises. '

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Bromelton is a KRA within Scenic Rim Region. Kerry Quarry is not identified as a key resource area. This link shows KRAs for all council areas in Queensland - by council area.

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