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Scorecard of the Four Major Parties

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 September 2012 01:46

scorecard thumbnail Queensland's environment organisations have compiled and released an election scorecard for the four main parties contesting the Queensland State Election.

Whilst the Labor party is assessed as having better policies than the LNP on the protection of the environment, both major parties disappoint on two key matters concerning the State's sustainable future. The Green Party came out on top whilst Bob Katter's Australian Party scored better on mining but failed on most other counts.

Both major parties at this election are failing to meet their obligations on the regulation of mining and coal seam gas. The fate of Queensland hinges on this key issue. How do you run a resource economy without threatening agriculture, groundwater, local communities and essential environments such as the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area?

As a response to a GETUP petition, Anna Bligh today has just responded to 3876 emails from Queensland GetUp members, sent yesterday, with a new policy to protect the Bimblebox nature refuge and others like it from mining. In her letter to GetUp members, she wrote: "I can now confirm that Labor's policy would have the effect of ruling out mining in areas like the Bimblebox nature refuge."

What are your values for a sustainable future for Queensland? Make your vote count on election day. Having a say through the democratic election process is an essential part of being a responsible citizen. 

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