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Scenic Rim Planning Schemes and SEQRP submission

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

seqrp.jpgThe Scenic Rim Regional Council has placed its 2009 submission to the Draft SEQ Regional Plan Review dated 30 March 2009 into the public domain. Since citizens now have an extended opportunity to comment on draft SEQRP until1 May 2009 you may wish to read and consider making your own new or revised submission. Read and download SRRC submission from this page.

Documents on that page include


  • Submission to the SEQ Regional Plan Review - 5 September 2008
  • Submission to the Draft SEQ Regional Plan Review - 30 March 2009
  • Submission to the Draft SEQ Regional Plan Review: Attachment No.15 

Community Consultation in our local council areas

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

actionbutton.gifScenic Rim Regional Council is drafting its first Corporate Plan - the 2009-2013 Corporate Plan.  As well as holding several community focus group sessions an online survey is also available. Go to http://www.boonah.qld.gov.au/newsEvents/consultation.shtml. This process closed 21 November 2008 - but try it and if it works use it. There is also a version to print out and fill in. Scenic Rim Regional Council is to be commended for its efforts to engage the community to provide input into this important planning document. Look out for council's draft document for the Corporate Plan.

The real test is whether council hears what the community is saying.

Logan residents have not been consulted for input into Logan City's Draft Corporate Plan 2009-2013 but copy of  the draft plan is available an online copy and online feedback is also available. Read more at this link. http://www.logan.qld.gov.au/LCC/council/about_council/corporateplan/draftcorporateplan.htm

Submissions closd 5 pm 12 December 2008 in Logan.




Last Updated on 12 March 2012

danger.gifScenic Rim Regional Council media release of 24 October, 2008 states: COUNCIL WORKING WITH STATE GOVERNMENT ON BROMELTON VISION. The previous day's copy of the Courier Mail presented a differing view stating that the Government is considering a tract of land within the new Bromelton State Development Area, south of Beaudesert, to house what it terms "special industry". The full article is online here.

SRRC media release reads as follows:

Scenic Rim Regional Council will continue its work with the State Government to develop Bromelton State Development Area (SDA) as an environmentally sensitive inland port and industrial hub for South East Queensland.
The Bromelton SD Area was officially gazetted by the State Government in August. Since then, the State Development Area Unit has participated in Council's structure planning process for the area. The Structure Plan, scheduled to be available for public comment in early 2009, will inform the State's Development Scheme for Bromelton SDA.
The Mayor, Cr John Brent, said while the State Government was currently assessing Bromelton's suitability for high impact industry, he was confident the study would show these uses were inappropriate for the area.


Fruitful sell-off at Beaudesert April 2007 - aerial spraying treatment 2008

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Courier Mail
Edition 1 - First with the news FRI 20 APR 2007, Page 090
Fruitful sell-off at Beaudesert
By Richard Finnila

FRESH fruit mogul Sam Coco has sold his family hobby farm at Beaudesert in an off-market deal believed to be worth about $15 million. Industry sources said the price had ``easily'' set a record for the district, eclipsing the $8.55 million price tag set by ``Nindooinbah'' in 2005. It is understood Mr Coco had been contemplating selling the property ever since injuring his chest in a recent quad bike accident. Some rural agents suggest the purchaser, Ross Kiernan, formerly from Cloncurry, may have snapped up a bargain, catching Mr Coco at an opportune time. Mr Kiernan is an avid race horse owner with a number of horses stabled in nearby studs.
The 3500-acre property is off Kerry Rd in what locals call Beaudesert's ``Golden Triangle''. It comes complete with a mansion homestead set among four acres of award-winning gardens, all within close proximity of Nindooinbah and the Elysian Fields polo ranch, which has about $20 million worth of infrastructure. Ray White Beaudesert principal Danny Bukowski said the price tag had easily set a new benchmark for Beaudesert.
It boils down to $1417 an acre.
``Without a doubt this would have to be a record,'' Mr Bukowski said. ``The property has beautiful gardens and 500 to 600 acres set on beautiful river flats.''
It's understood Mr Kiernan invested a lot of time researching the area before buying into the district. Mr Kiernan sold off his Ross J. Kiernan Tipping Transport business last year to International Energy Services. The district has seen several multimillion-dollar sales in recent years, driven in part by the thriving race horse breeding industry and the ``Magic Millions'' race carnival. A 100-acre horse stud at Biddaddaba, 10 minutes drive east of Beaudesert, sold for $3 million last month. The vendors, Trevor and Sue Ahern, are also looking to sell another 96 acres of land next door.
Caption:  HOBBY farm sale . . . Sam Coco sold for an undisclosed price. [Illus:  Photo Column:  Prime Site Section:  REAL ESTATE]

This property has recently been "weeded" by aerial spraying. The outcome has alarmed many in the local community and is currently subject to investigation by several Queensland government agencies. Logan and Albert Conservation Association hopes to work with community members to achieve better environmental outcomes in future. 


Beaudesert Times letters to editor

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

One of the greatest values of local newspapers and media lies in their willingness to publish letters to the editor presenting all viewpoints. The aerial spraying events at Kerry Valley and Darlington State School will be the subject of discussion for some time. Some letters follow.


MT WARNING WOLLUMBIM CALDERA in National Landscapes Project

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Local tourism and especially eco tourism in our Scenic Rim region with an emphasis on the future of sustainable tourism in northern NSW and SE Queensland has recently been included in the National Landscapes Project. This project is coordinated under the auspices of the federal body for the Australian Tourism Indudusty.


Protected vegetation affected by toxic spray drift

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

A significant number of very tall grass trees appear to be dying on a property adjacent to Spring Creek, Kerry Valley. This has occurred after aerial spraying on the nextdoor property went astray during windy conditions. Such vegetation is protected under Environmental Protection Agency legislation.This is a very slow growing species. Information from EPA about the species Xanthorrhoea can be downloaded from the government website.

The Australian Native Plant Pages provides information and extensive links for more information.

If one chooses to gaze upon the slopes of Mt Mahomet, it is not a pretty site:HUNDREDS of dead and dying grass trees tell a sorry tale.

David Attenborough is often quoted as saying:" I know of no pleasure deeper than that which comes from contemplating the natural world and trying to understand it."  Such pleasures are denied here now by an action vandalism in my opinion beyond human comprehension.

   Before the spraying on adjacent property                             After the spraying on adjacent property

  healthy-grass-tree-smer.gif                                                                                       dead-grass-tree-smer.gif

The Beaudesert Times is covering the story in weekly papers. Edition for 30 April 2008 will be available here. Formal investigations have been launched by several sections of Queensland Government. Evidence of breaches of agricultural and veterinary control of use legislation and use according to manufacturer's label instructions will be checked by Biosecurity Queensland. Human health issues will be handled by either Queensland Health or the local Workplace Health and Safety officers.

If you are concerned about the loss of protected vegetation, if you are concerned about the water quality, if you have concerns with potential longterm heath risks to residents in the Scenic Rim - or other areas where such toxic chemicals are used, come along to the meeting at Kerry Memorial Hall now confirmed for Wednesday 14 May 2008 staring 7.00pm. Contact email for booking will be posted here.

In the mean time consider writing to or phoning your local councillor, mayor, member of state and federal governments and local newspapers to express your concerns.



School closes over poison scare

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

26april08_darlingtonss.gif CHEMICAL spraying to kill weeds has been blamed for closing down a school and killing hundreds of trees and wildlife in a small town near Beaudesert. The story is reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin and is available hereVideo footage is also available.In addition to this people, domestic and farm animals on other properties have also been sprayed and trees and grass are dying. Beaudesert Times has also published the horror story in the paper on Wednesday 23 April 2008. More information and photos will soon be published here.

Copy of the Beaudesrt Times cover story is reproduced on the forum pages of RAIDE's website with images of the vegetation damage. Readers can register to comment. See entry here.

Further coverage is given on the comprehensive local blogspot Cedar Grove View where you can also comment.


As well as wide spread death and destruction of vegetation both terrestial and aquatic wildlife have suffered. Nophascogales have been seen since the chemical spraying drifted over Spring Creek and many frogs have died.

A media release last week by Education Queensland confirmed that the Darlington State School students and staff were now temporarily relocated to Hillview until decontamination of the school had occurred.  LACA understands that no less that six state agencies are now investigating the two incidents including Natural Resources and Water, Department of Primary Industry and Forestry, Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland Health, Education Queensland and Workplace Health and Safety.

The outdated farming practice of chemical spraying over large tracts of land to kill trees and therefore increase grass available is no longer tenable in this semi-rural area as the number of people being affected has increased. The cattle ingest the chemical from the grass and waterways and there have been documented stock losses due to chemical sprays.5feb08spraying-helicopter.gif

The clearing of the riparian vegetation makes a mockery of the $8 million over the next four years that is being invested by the Queensland Government in the Logan, Bremer and Lockyer Valleys to work with land holders to restore riparian vegetation and other projects that will reduce the amount of fine sediment entering our waterways.

sign.jpgUnfortunately some people who were obviously not concerned removed the signs placed on property fencelines.

Any residents or individuals in the Kerry area who have concerns about chemical spray drift are encouraged to contact LACA by phoning  0411 361 044.

Links to free downloads of CSIRO publications about aerial spraying are here in the Books and Book review section. Grazon is a product mixed with 2/4D amine page 5 (of 10) to 'control' some weeds eg cockspur, crofton weed, lantana etc. The dilution and application rates for helicopter spraying is also given. Full details from the manufacturer's label. 2/4D is one of the chemicals used in Agent Orange. More information about Agent Orange is available here.

LACA will hold a community meeting at Kerry Memorial Hall. Details are posted on events page.


Flora and fauna in Scenic Rim

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

About one-fifth of Queensland's plant species can be found within the Scenic Rim Region. Six species guides are available to cover the former Beaudesert Shire area. Rainforests of the Scenic Rim are part of the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia which is a World Heritage listed area, providing habitat for more than 200 rare or threatened plant and animal species including the Albert Lyrebird and spotted taile quoll. Biodiversity fact sheets or links are available here.


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