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Extension is available for Park Ridge Connector Corridor

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

Powerful Owl_18th_Nov_2011_KarawathaForestExtension is available for Park Ridge Connector Corridor feedback.

Today 18 November 2011 is still listed as closure for Park Ridge Connector Corridor feedback. However if you phone 1800 799 844 you will be granted an extension. This has come about because of community pressure. Ask for it in writing! Ask name of person granting this.

LACA has stated from the very beginning that there is no viable corridor however the wider community also MUST HAVE an opportunity to input into this process.

We believe that Main Roads are are now hearing that the community would feel disenfranchised if not given more time to make their reasoned submissions.

Please be aware that the feed back form attempts to channel your answers. Also note that the closely knit community of CHAMBERS FLAT is not even included in the feedback form.

LOOK OUT FOR A MEDIA RELEASE FROM MAINS ROADS Department of Transport and Mains Roads - although the transport components of public transport and active transport ( cycling and personal  motorised disabilty scooters) are not included in any discussion

This powerful owl - captured on camera in Karawatha Forest this week - has bitten the head off the possum. The owl is a top predator in the proposed 'corridor of interest' and ranges over a large area. To survive he needs large intact bushland where his prey live and breed. Thus the survival of the owl depends on the possum which needs old growth trees with hollows. We need to protect corridors for wildlife rather than corridors for roads.   


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