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October 23 - great day for conservation

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

23 October 2010 - great day for conservation

Save Bahrs Scrub Alliance launch of booklet Endangered, Vulnerable and Near Threatened Flora of Bahrs Scrub

Saturday, October 23, 2010 Beenleigh Bowls Club Hanover St Beenleigh

11:00am – 12:00pm

VETO-supper-danceDownload your invitation here.  INVITATION_SBSA_FLORA_BOOKLET_LAUNCH.pdf

More information is available at http://www.bahrsscrub.org.au/


Veto fundraiser supper dance 7-11 pm

49-65 Kenny Rd Chambers Flat / Logan Village Community Hall

Tickets phone Lil 38035541 or Mary 38033320 or at the door ($10 single family $30)

See what is happening at www.veto.org.au




Energex Logan River to Jimboomba Protest Rally at Parliament

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Energex Logan River to Jimboomba Protest Rally at Parliament - Thursday 7 October 2010

veto_logo_compressedPlease consider supporting the action described here and organized by Paul Casbolt on behalf of VETO (Veto Energex Towers Organisation) that is protesting against the upgrade and new easement for a 110 Kv line to cross the Logan River 5 times and run south along Camp Cable Rd.

This proposed route will clear 42.5 hectares of koala habitat which also provides valuable habitat for other threatened species in the area eg quolls, green thighed frog, wallum froglet , glossy black cockatoos and 4 species of gliders (greater, squirrel, sugar, feathertail) that we know about from community surveys.

LACA has been assisting VETO for the past 2 years and has provided formal submissions to all rounds of community consultation (please see the LACA or VETO websites for copies of LACA and VETO submissions outlining major concerns). President Anne Page  has attended fortnightly meetings over this time along with many other concerned members from the Logan River and Camp Cable Rd communities.

There are many reasons why the community should be objecting to such projects (see LACA submission ) in our local area and across Queensland. If you are able to attend this peaceful rally please RSVP to Paul ph 3200 5210 (see flyer contacts). There will be a coach bus to pick people up from Logan Village Community Centre at 10 am and will return there around 1.30 pm (cost $8 per person please to cover bus hire) .

The Hon. Margaret Keech has already agreed to meet the group and take receipt of the petition outside Parliament House.

This joint Rally with other Community Groups (also dissatisfied with the Energex process) may be our best chance to influence State Politicians as it is likely that Minister Stephen Robertson will make a decision on the Loganlea to Jimboomba 110kV Sub Transmission Line Community Infrastructure Designation in December. 

We hope to get wider media interest and support by joining with the Sunshine Coast group and the STOP group from the Gold Coast.
This will be a civil, peaceful protest and children are welcome as this is for their future (unfortunately Parliament does not sit during school holidays).



Last Updated on 12 March 2012



babe2Public Meeting 3 July 2pm - 4pm Rising Sun Hotel,  27 School Rd, Rosewood

Dr Patricia Petersen has organised a public meeting for local residents concerned about a large-scale, hard-to-place, high impact industries site proposed for Ebenezer, a rural area south-west of Ipswich. High impact industries involve noxious, offensive or hazardous operations. This can include chemical storage, irradiation plants and the processing of banned organochlorine pesticides such as DDT, dieldrin and PCBs. It is totally unacceptable that an industrial development such as this should be considered for this area. Farmers and other residents in Ebenezer rely on clean rain water for drinking and household use, soil and crop production. Beef and agricultural industries out this way are currently very strong, they are thriving.

If this development goes ahead, it will be catastrophic. It will negatively impact on livelihoods. Because the area doesn't have impervious clay, local aquifers will end up being contaminated These feed into the Mr Walker Creek, which flows into the Bremer and Brisbane Rivers. Ipswich doesn't need an environmental disaster such as this, neither does South-East Queensland. The Bremer River is still recovering from a chemical 'dump' from Amberley RAAF Base a year ago, which polluted the waterways.

There is grave concern about the impact that this proposed industrial estate will have on koalas. This area has the highest density of koalas in South-East Queensland. The koalas are healthy, have a long lifespan and are Chlamydia free. If they are disturbed, this koala habitat will be lost forever. This is supported by the Ipswich Koala Protection Society.



Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Ebebezer-industrial-areaNOT IN ANYONE'S BACKYARD  and ESPECIALLY NOT having one of our rivers as the boundary.

LACA has for a long time viewed the Bromelton site as one of regional significance with an additional threat to Moreton Bay although no one else seems to be noticing. The area around the landfill and strong smelling industries is one of concern - with more details being available from our campaign website  www.lovetheloganvalley.org.au managed by Brooke Hynch. 

The Love the Logan Valley Campaign has been formed out of a group of individuals who love the clean living values that the Logan Valley represents, with its clean air, its clean water, clean food and clean living. If the Valley is to have a large industrial city in it then these industries should reflect our clean environment and not be dedicated to toxic, noxoius and hard to place industries.

Our members include people from all walks of life - farrmers, eco-tourism operators, environmental scientists, mums and dads who live in the area and want to make sure the health and well-being of their children, and their children's children are secured for this valley.

The Ebenezer site is a new proposal that has comes out of the blue - this one drains into Warril Creek, then the Bremer and then the Brisbane River. A major incident at either would contaminate either waterway.  It and another area Wellcamp near Toowoomba are discussed on the Department of Infrastructure and Plannin website. See the links documents and maps from this page.

Ebebezer-industrial-areaadd-onAccording to that page the government is identifying new industrial land for large footprint, difficult-to-locate and high impact industries in a sustainable way by:not locating industrial zones in environmentally sensitive areas considering infrastructure requirements separating incompatible land uses considering the commercial needs of these types of industries.

They recognise not all large footprint, difficult to locate and high impact industries have the same requirements. For example, some require good access to road, rail and port infrastructure, some need large amounts of water and electricity, some require good separation from sensitive land uses and others need to be located close to resources and/or their markets. These considerations also form part of the study.

The community has been fed limited information on Bromelton for over five years with secret reports funded by developers


Logan River - River of life - wins competition for Angela

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

river-of-life-yr2winner2010Seven year old Angela Koranski is in Mrs Olsen's year 2 class at Canterbury College. Angela recently entered the Logan City Council's World Environment Day Poster competition. Angela was selected as one of thirteen winners. Her winning entry will be displayed at the Logan Art Gallery and her poster will be reproduced as part of a Logan City Council calendar.

Angie's entry was titled "River of Life" and related to conservation of the
Logan River. In her entry she wrote

"I live on the Logan River. So do lots of birds, reptiles, mammals and plants. Cutting down trees means the animals won't have a home. Nature is special. We need to look after it!"


Competition and Entry Forms

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Entry form at bottom of page.


All entrants must read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions before entering the Photography Competition 2010

Terms and Conditions and Entry Forms

  1. All photography must be the work of the photographer.
  2. Family pets, zoo animals and farm animals are not acceptable subjects.
  3. There is no limit to the number of entries submitted, but a separate entry form must be submitted for each 4 photos.
  4. Entry fee is $5.00 per photo, with the fourth photo free.
  5. Entrants in the 12 years and under section enter for free.
  6. Appropriate entry fees must be paid for entries to be accepted. Fees are to be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer. (Details below)
  7. All entries have to be received by midnight 10 July 2010. Extended till 20 August.
  8. Winning photos will be professsionally printed and mounted and put on display at the Scenic Rim Wildlife Expo in Beaudesert 18 July 2010.
  9. Open winners will receive $190 worth of professional digital processing from PicsOn DVD.
  10. Junior winners will receive 12 month subscription to Wildlife Australia magazine from Wildlife Queensland.
  11. All photos are to be submitted via Flickr.com. If you do not have a Flickr account you will need to set up your own account. (Flickr accounts are free to set up)
  12. Once photos have been uploaded to your account, they must be tagged with "lacaphotocompetition2010". Please ensure also that the photo title matches the title used on the entry form.
  13. From your Flickr home page, click Groups from the top menu. In the box labelled Find a Group, type in LACA.
  14. This should find the group called Nature Photography of Scenic Rim 2010 competition. Join this group.
  15. Once you have accepted the Group rules, you are able to upload your Competition Photos.
  16. Photos must be at least 1000 pixels on their longest side and 300 dpi resolution.


Entry Forms

To enter the competition, choose your entry form below to enter online: click on age group



Once the entry form has been submitted, please pay the Entry fee by Electronic Funds Transfer

Bank Details


704 640 Qld Country Credit Union Ltd



Account name:

Logan and Albert Conservation Association Inc


your email address



‘Power Struggle – How the SEQ Regional Plan Threatens Logan River Koalas’

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Our first South East Queensland Koala Alliance video is ‘in the can’ and can be viewed at this link here. power-struggle-koalas-LoganR


A group of concerned citizens from Logan have been engaged and actively campaigning to protect the Logan River from the first unsustainable proposal by ENERGEX to supply power for goverment's stated future population growth. The group VETO have a website www.veto.org.au which is currently being updated. There have been many sightings of koalas along the proposed power corridors. It would seem the big squeeze is being exerted on all species of the natural environment  - animals and plants,microbes and man - to move over for the built environment with its manufactured  concrete and steel structures.


Invitation to a 350.org event Beaudesert

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Andy Grodecki invites us all to join with him to participate in an international event hosted at www.350.org. This s a new global campaign focused on making sure the world takes the 350-image-200kind of big, bold, fast action that we need to solve this crisis.

Our action will be at Jubilee Park, Beaudesert -

12 noon this Sunday 25 October during the 'Our habitat, our home' event

 Hope you can make it.

Here's the situation:
- The science of climate change is getting darker by the day. The Arctic is melting away with astonishing speed, decades ahead of schedule. Everything on the planet seems to be melting or burning, rising or parched. No surprise there--scientists tell us that the safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million, and we're at 389 and rising.

- But there's good news: we're not cooked yet, and THIS YEAR we have an opportunity to make a real impact. In December, the nations of the world will be meeting to craft a global treaty designed to help the world act together to solve global warming. The terms of this treaty may well determine whether we actually save the planet from climate change, so it's up to all of us to make sure we get it right.


ENVIROWEEK - opportunities for us all - and maybe prizes

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

enviroweekEveryday we hear and read about the environment and how our human behavioursare impacting on our home. The environment is everyone's home and is shared - though not evenly - with all humans and all other life forms or species.

This week 11- 17 October 2009 is the first ENVIROWEEK. It has been set up to highlight and reward or acknowledge those people, groups, schools and community groups who are each making contributions towards protecting our environment.

Coolaustralia.org is the group responsible for beginning this promotion and various cities and individuals have connected with the process.

  • We can all do something - here are some challenges for us

Community consultation on Energex Logan River proposed corridor

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Our local Where I live section of the online newspaper Logan West Leader provides some coverage here.your20say20icon

whereilive.com.au readers from any area to read write and comment on local news as well as check on local events


The story is below for your convenience. MPs were asked these questions

  1. Do you support the current Energex proposal which has the preferred route for the Loganlea to Jimboomba high voltage power line travelling through the Logan River floodplain and crossing the river seven times?
  2. If yes, why?
  3. If no, why not?
  4. Do you support a Logan City Council proposal to build a new substation in the area, negating the need for the Loganlea to Jimboomba powerline?

  5. Do you think there is any point to the community consultation process when the decision on the powerline’s route appears to have been made?

MP’s position on Energex powerline (along and across the Logan River)



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