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Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

A huge range of titles are available both on line and via bookshops and libraries. The catalogue or list is available here. Web specials, downloads, online ordering etc are available. This is also a useful tool to find new titles to request at your Council library. Some older resources are free eg from 2001 Resetting the Compass Australia's Journey Towards Sustainability. This work was highly was highly regarded. eg “This is a timely and important book which should be at least on your bookshelf, if not on your desk or even your shoulder-holster! ... The span of the book is truly impressive, and the language is always clear and compelling.” Ian Lowe, Griffith University, Brisbane (Australian Journal of Environmental Management v.8 no.3 September 2001)


In view of the hazardous outcomes of recent aerial spraying in Kerry Valley Scenic Rim these two older resources could be useful - Review of Agricultural Chemical Spray Drift and Spray Drift Management  - both available as free downloads.


If you do read any of these titles and would like to submit a review please send it to ecoinfo[at]laca.org.au.

On my wish to read list are the following titles -

Native Mice and Rats written by Bill Breed and Fred Ford

Australia’s native rodents are the most ecologically diverse family of Australian mammals. There are about 60 living species – all within the subfamily Murinae – representing around 25 per cent of all species of Australian mammals. They range in size from the very small delicate mouse to the highly specialised, arid-adapted hopping mouse, the large tree rat and the carnivorous water rat. Native Mice and Rats describes the evolution and ecology of this much-neglected group of animals. It details the diversity of their reproductive biology, their dietary adaptations and social behaviour. The book also includes information on rodent parasites and diseases, and concludes by outlining the changes in distribution of the various species since the arrival of Europeans as well as current conservation programs.


Good Gardens with Less Water  -  companion to Kevin Handreck’s best-selling Gardening Down-Under

It is possible to have a great garden anywhere in Australia, even under the toughest water restrictions. Good Gardens with Less Water will show you how. This new book is a practical guide to gardening with limited water.


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