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Last Updated on 12 March 2012

power20to20peopleCONSULTATION EXTENDED for PARK RIDGE CONNECTOR to 31 December 2011

An email to one of members of NO PRC group

 From: PRC Project Team [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Sent: Wednesday, 7 December 2011 9:54 AM

Subject: Park Ridge Connector - Extension to Consultation Period

The Minister for Main Roads confirmed today that the submission period for the Park Ridge Connector Corridor has been extended until December 31 2011. Thanks for your interest in this project and the submissions received to date. Please note that all current submissions have been logged. Please address your correspondence to the Park Ridge Connector project email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone number 1800 799 824.

This change to allow for wider community consultation has only come about because of PEOPLE POWER. Well done to all those people who have taken action to tell our politicians that this consultation process to date has been deficient in the eyes of the community.



Last Updated on 30 September 2012

Record your formal objection to the Park Ridge Connector Road. The Connector Road Investigations that are currently being undertaken by Logan City Council and the Department of Main Road, are to determine if there is "a viable corridor". Many concerned citizens and local community do not believe there is a viable route because this road corridor is being proposed through existing residential and rural-residential communities and biodiverse environments that cannot be replaced.

The property with signs shown above at 292 Browns Plains Road ( 92 hectares) has great historical significance to family friends and the wider community. This property has been in family ownership since 1939 and every effort to conserve the environment has been made on this property. The family does not want to sell or develop this property wanting to preserve this for conservation purposes.

The 92 hectares [200 acres] represents an area that contains valuable remnant vegetation and biodversity that has not been surveyed since 1992 by the West Logan Environment Group. Because of its proximity to Karawatha it is logical to assume that this site will have high biodiversity values as well. The intact size of this property represents such valuable ecosystem service assets that they cannot be replaced or offset. Karawatha Forest has at least 27 frog species -  some likely to be on this bushland property as well as koalas, snakes, grey headed flying fox, owl species, gliders and other wildlife whose home range includes this area.

The property is critical in protecting the water quality of Scrubby Creek, and has critical connectivity to Berrinba Wetlands area. LACA Logan and Albert Conservation Association supports protecting with adequate buffering and connectivity of all waterways and wetlands. We do not support the degrading of waterways and water quality. Water quality is a critical issue for all rivers creeks and wetland areas in Logan - as recognized by council and community committment at the July Waterways Summit and LACAs campaign to Rebuild the Rivers.

All development and infrastructure to support an increasing population with its growing perceived need for more goods and commodities ie freight has a cost. This cost is not only the dollars needed to build these structures but also a cost to community wellbeing. We NEED CLEAN AIR CLEAN WATER and FOOD in that order so remain alive. We DO NOT NEED roads for freight.


Quarry Action Group - Cryna quarry expansion

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

quarry_NOQuarry Action Group - Cryna quarry expansion

Friday 4 November is the last day to object to the expansion of the Cryna quarry. Linked letter may help you with the formalities of lodging your objection. List the reasons that concern you in your objection.

If you live south of Beaudesert and travel on the Mt Lindesay Highway you will share the road with all of the quarry traffic. If your children or grandchildren go to St Mary's they will be affected by the increased traffic. Much of the extra heavy vehicle traffic generated will disperse northbound so Beaudesert and other little towns in the area will all have an increase in traffic. The many objections to the Mega Quarry proposed in Kerry Valley are also applicable.

Download a letter template you can adapt to express your concerns here.

doc Cryna_Quarry_Objection_sample.doc 62.50 Kb 30/10/2011, 16:59

Please also visit group website here where you can read aome amazing breaking news which we believe should establish a president for quarry traffic on roads.  http://www.quarryactiongroup.org.au/files/CourtDecision.pdf  and  http://www.quarryactiongroup.org.au/files/SRRCLetter.pdf

A  Quarry Action Group traffic study was very scathing of the developers assessment as the developer's report used old traffic data and gave little attention to improving the road to makeit safe for this level of traffic. A full copy of the traffic study can be found by clicking this link.   http://www.quarryactiongroup.org.au/files/TrafficStudy.pdf


Hydoponics and intensive agriculture DA development application

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

The DA reference number is MCUI/1/2011 - an extension for submissions until the Close of Business COB 02/11/2011.

Under the previous Beaudesert Town Plan many igloos appeared almost overnight and caused a great deal of angst in the community. Council deemed it to be an as of right use for owners of rural residential properties to carry out operational works to level land and cover their acreages with plastic constructions for their protected horticulture practices. A community taskforce was established and LACA Logan and Albert Conservation Association was a member of that taskforce.

A reliance on toxic chemicals to manage weeds and pests is one of the biggest concerns that LACA shares with the Safe Living Action Group an alliance of like minded people who care about this issue and are prepared to try and do something about it. The product ROUNDUP is very widely and commonly used - with the unwary accepting that it is safe. It may be safer than some but it is not without its negative impacts. This is just one article about safety issues.

During testing for water safety no chemicals registered for use on crops being grown in igloos were found in water tanks on properties adjacent to those igloos. The only chemical found was related to use in another industry.  Recently in the Greenbank area many bird deaths have occurred. Both Biosecurity and DERM were called in and a deregistered chemical - known to kill birds has been identified as FENTHION included in this report from NTN and WWF on page 8.

The use - legal or indiscriminate of such toxic chemicals - harmful to both human and native species in not acceptable in any area of Logan - or any residential living area globally. All industries wanting to rely on dangerous chemicals should not be allowed near human settlement or environmentally sensitive areas of our city. Logan 2026 City Directions aspires to be a clean green city known for its stewardship of the natural environment and reduced pollution.


Submissions to Urban Land Development Authority

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

This is from emailed correspondence received from feedback at the Greenbank information / consultation day.

Following the end of the public notification period on 20 May 2011, the Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) will consider all submissions received and, if appropriate, it may amend the Proposed Development Scheme.

The ULDA will then forward the finalised Development Scheme (known as the 'Submitted Development Scheme') to the Deputy Premier and Attorney-General, Minister for Local Government and Special Minister of State for his consideration.

The submitted Development Scheme will be accompanied by a report summarising the submissions received and describing to what extent the proposed Development Scheme was amended in response to submissions. This report will also be made available on the ULDA website www.ulda.qld.gov.au.

The ULDA expects the submitted Development Scheme and submission report to be forwarded to the Minister by the end of June 2011 and as a submitter you will be advised when this happens.

If you are an 'affected owner' you will then have 20 business days after receiving this advice to ask the Minister to amend the Scheme to protect your interests. An 'affected owner', for an Urban Development Area, means a person who owns land in, or that adjoins, the area (as defined by the Urban Land Development Authority Act 2007).

If you require any further information please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1300 130 215.


Remove North Maclean as identified growth area - ULDA submissions cob 20 May 2011

Last Updated on 18 January 2016

ASK FOR the immediate removal of the proposed industry and business area proposed for the North Maclean identified growth area.


Community in the surrounding rural residential areas has continued to oppose the proposed industrial and business land use concept for this site since 2005 and has made submissions at all local government ( Beaudesert Shire Council , Logan City Council)  and state government ( OUM, DIP) planning processes since 2005.      

North Maclean was an identified growth area in the SEQRP 2009 - 2031 . North Maclean has not been adequately assessed for its biodiversity and natural resource values which are environmental assets of South-east Queensland and Logan City Council. The proposed site for industry and business at North Maclean is a biodiversity hotspot. Any activity which occurs within that area should be considered for its natural capital - not just land within a geographical area with no other land use values.


Draft 'blueprints' for South East Queensland's three new master-planned communities released

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

sack-ulda-greenbank-protestDraft 'blueprints' for South East Queensland's three new master-planned communities released

Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government Paul Lucas was joined, on Friday 1 April 2011, by Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale and local MPs Rachel Nolan and Wayne Wendt for the unprecedented simultaneous release of the proposed master plans for Yarrabilba, Ripley Valley and Greater Flagstone Urban Development Areas (UDAs).

"This is the first time a community building program of this size and scale has been undertaken in Australia and it coincides with the one year anniversary of our government's Growth Management Summit," Mr Lucas said.

His statement that this marks the start of delivering the necessary planning framework to progress development of these three key areas as model communities in not credible. The media release was reported here

Since 2005 LACA has been advocating and lobbying for detailed background environmental studies to be both carried out and provided to the community as part of supposed openness and integrety of government. Access to studies done on behalf of Beaudesert has ben denied by Scenic Rimm Regional Council, Logan City Council [we now has 3 environment reports] and ULDA.

How can you have a model community - one that is based on ecological sustainable development principles when the existing wildlife with its essential habitat is not well mapped. This black hole of essential data must be filled before genuinely ecological sustainable development can b planned. Enen where we have an existing human settlement that is targeted for urban renewal or redevelopment.


GREENBANK people power - application withdrawn

Last Updated on 12 March 2012
power20to20peopleThe Developer has WITHDRAWN their Development Application number DEV2010/095.
What does this mean?

Spread the word for everyone to attend the next meeting.

THIS WEDNESDAY 6th April 2011, 7PM, Greenbank Community Centre.

Please tell everyone you know about the meeting.

There is IMPORTANT info to share with you. The Developent Scheme for Greater Flagstone was released Friday 1 April 2011.

GREENBANK is STILL declared. We have 30 business days (from the 1st April) to put in a submission against the inclusion of Greenbank in the Urban Development Area.

Submissions must be received by 20 May 2011

LACA is organising Environmental Defenders Office workshops to be held in the local area on the 19 April and the 27 April to assist the community with writing their submissions.

Attend the meeting on Wednesday 6th April 2011 to hear what we need to do.

See you there, tell your neighbours, family and friends


LACAs submission to oppose Teviot Downs DA fasttracking

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

LACA Logan and Albert Conservation Association believes that no early release like Teviot Downs should be announced or approved without the appropriate background studies being conducted or without the community having the opportunity to review any proposed development in their local area in the light of what is planned for Greater Flagstone UDA.  The ULDA Greater Flagstone consultation has not begun, yet it will have a very significant impact across the Greenbank-New Beith –North Maclean-Flagstone area. Regardless of this, the community is being denied the right to be able to view this information before the completion of the DA process which is undemocratic and unacceptable.

The deficiencies in the environmental assessment and biodiversity assessment reports for this proposed development does not indicate ‘best practice’ environmental outcomes that the ULDA is promising to achieve for the Greater Flagstone area.  

View LACAs submission  here 


Saving Greenbank from unsustainable development

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Saving Greenbank from unsustainable development

GREENBANK_high-densityIn the face of Queensland state government legislation, planning as per SEQRP South East Queensland Regional Plan, and rhetoric which talks about sustainable development, affordable housing, sense of place - other words,  the community has rallied to the SAVE GREENBANK CAMPAIGN.

Community has collected thousands of signatures to support the submission objecting to the Teviot Downs proposal to build a high density ULDA-guideline development in the midst of what has been a pleasant acreage living community. This proposal seeks to change what is currently approved  - with a MATERIAL CHANGE OF USE or MOU.

In reality the rhetoric or words are not matched with real life ground truth actions. Words do not come close to what happens on the ground. How can you have sustainable development when human settlement activities continue to wipe out essential habitat for resident and migratory wildlife species - without any local provisions for long term survival of the species - rescue actions funded as part of development - not left to volunteers to rescue and rehabilitate at their own personal expense.

You can view the submission made on behalf of community here.


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