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LOGAN RIVER more beautiful after CLEAN-UP

Last Updated on Sunday, 31 March 2013 07:25

logan river clean-up-teamloot1A great collaborative effort from the community has removed unsightly rubbish from a section of the Logan River. Logan Village Scouts got together with Logan and Albert Conservation Association (LACA), VETO Energex Towers Organisation (VETO) on Sunday 24 March 2013 to clean-up the Logan River and Larry Storey Park at Waterford. Our cleanup was supported by Healthy Waterways, Logan City Council and Clean-up Australia. The Clean-up Australia activity had to be postponed from earlier 3 March because the Logan River experienced a minor flood and safety for our rubbish collectors was a first priority.
Boat owners Greg Lord, Gary Hastings and Denis Higgins assisted us with the Clean-up on the river while the land team scouted the Larey Storey Park area for litter.

Regular river boaties and  those who enjoyed their first time on the river are keener than ever to have wider community appreciation and enjoyment from Logan's greatest natural water asset.

Larry Storey was one of Logan's early citizens and is featured in the Logan River Tinnie Trail a self-guided heritage trail along the Logan River, which tells a fascinating history of river life since the early 1800s and in-depth studies of each locality between the river mouth and Logan Village.

Why some rubbish such a natural treasure is a mystery to me. Our clean-up morning removed successfully  5 large bags of rubbish and also some unusual items such as a car front bumper, large piece of carpet, broken washing basket and milk crate as well as the usual array of plastic bottles, fish bait bags and other pieces of non-degradable plastic. We filled one bag with recyclables. Despite the several flood events and rain that would have washed cigarette butts into the river there were over 60 - mostly at park entrance and near the toilets. Bags had also become entangled in tree branches overhanging the river - caught there in higher flood waters. 

Australians use an unbelievable 10 million shopping bags every day! So easy convenient and DEADLY for our marine life. Check out this short film.

Clean-Up Australia certificates of appreciation and recognition were presented to Logan Village Scouts and other volunteers.

LACA earlier held a free screening of a short film "Bag It – Is your life too Plastic" to increase awareness of the impacts of plastic pollution of our waterways and to fight against the staggering amount of litter entering South East Queensland's waterways.

The night includes a screening of the documentary followed by audience discussion around solutions to address the problem of marine debris and waterway litter. If you are interested in holding a special screening of 'Bag It' for your school or local community, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It may be possible for LACA to borrow the film and screen at your group's venue. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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