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Professor Paul Connett Fluoride in our Toxic Tap Water

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

Research findings of effects of Fluoride are reported worldwide - more warnings of deleterious harm from over dose.

In today's society with greater access to information becoming better informed is relatively easy. It is also easier to publish in our digital world - but care is always  needed to verify the credentials of those who publish and who benefits from disclosure - or non disclosure of information.

 Professor Paul Connett states that without studies to investigate and validate all safety concerns there is no assurity. Authorities made decisions which have not been based on sound science. If you don't look you don't find the connections between fluoride and public heath concerns. The practice of fluoridation has been and is being protected before public health.

 Professor Paul Connett discusses many concerns : increased hip fractures in the elderly, the impact on brain development in infants and lower IQs, changes to thyroid glands actions and difficulty in detection, Jennifer Luke's research into early puberty - to name some.

Today's peoples with supposedly safe drinking water are showing many increases in illheath globally. The question is will our global - and local Queensland leaders - accept the scientific research and discontinue the forced medication of our water supplies?

Fluoride toothpaste in USA carries a warning that swallowing an amount equivalent to a galss of USA water is unsafe and poison centre should be contacted.

Read more about  Professor Paul Connett: “YOUR Toxic Tap Water” here.




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