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Can You Create An Energy Efficient Home? Can we do this in SEQ?

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

kilowattoursaustin.jpgKilowatt Ours is creating a network of homeowners and renters in America dedicated to striving for Net-Zero energy usage in their homes and apartments. Kilowatt Ours is the story of filmmaker and conservationist Jeff Barrie's 18-month journey across the southeastern U.S. to document energy-related problems and present practical, cost-saving solutions for consumers. Widespread problems revealed in Kilowatt Ours include mountaintop removal, air pollution, global warming, childhood asthma, and mercury contamination.

The film Kilowatt Ours shows the city of Austin as they built what they call an "energy conservation power plant." Rather than build a new coal-fired power plant, the community decided it was a priority to advocate aggressive energy conservation efforts instead. After 20 years, Austin now saves more than 600 megawatts of electricity every day - one power plant worth of electricity, generated strictly from energy savings. Here is a link to watch a short clip from Kilowatt Ours, featuring this initiative.

Austin offers a catchy and doable vision that can be achieved on any scale, in any community that makes this a priority, beginning today. An individual homeowner or flat dweller can build a tiny conservation power plant at home by changing light bulbs and cutting usage by several kilowatt hours per month. A business, school, or institution can do the same on a larger scale by investing in a performance contract. An entire city can go even further and commit to a program on the scale of Austin.

Do we have a similar network in South East Queensland, Queensland or other states in Australia? Do we have the will to make the change?

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