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Pro-fossil-fuel, anti-environmental government?

Do we want a pro-fossil-fuel, anti-environmental Abbott-type government in office - permanently?

ISDS threats / agreements are currently part of TPP or TPPA Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

Richard Ackland’s article in last weekend's 'The Saturday Paper' sums up the ISDS / Investor-State Dispute Settlement threat perfectly:

‘So here we have a potential for environmental protections to be struck down, and where the consequences would be to create a chilling effect on governments that contemplate the introduction of new laws and regulations in this area. It would be like having a pro-fossil-fuel, anti-environmental Abbott-type government permanently in office’


There remains a vital window of opportunity for us to press for the removal of ISDS provisions in the TPP: while the TPP agreement has now been accepted by Australia and the 11 other nations involved, it has not yet been ratified through parliament. This is expected to occur over the first half of this year. Labor and the Greens do not support ISDS in free trade agreements, but Labor may support the passing of TPP legislation including ISDS if there is not enough public outcry.

So building community awareness and lobbying Labor members and the Senate is crucial now.

Need to know more?

See the attached question and answer guide to knowing more about how ISDS in free trade deals will impact on our future capacity to protect unique Australian environment .

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Contact Barry Fitzpatrick (LACA  ISDS campaign leader) 0427002640

Last question in Q and A document: What can I do to stop the Turnbull Government from ratifying the TPP with ISDS?

A: Write to your local federal member and senators, objecting to the inclusion of ISDS in the TPP.

Urge them to support you in seeking a re-negotiation of the TPP without ISDS.

Write to each of the members of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties   which will be providing a final report on the TPP before the Turnbull Government moves to ratify the agreement.
Above all, let as many people as you can know about the threat that ISDS poses not only to our future environmental regulations

but also social, health and internet regulations.

 The Treaties Committee is empowered by its resolution of appointment to inquire into and report on 'matters arising from treaties and related National Interest Analysis and proposed treaty actions presented or deemed to be presented to the Parliament.' The Committee invites interested persons and organisations to make submissions for the the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) by Friday, 11 March 2016. Submissions for this inquiry can be lodged online via the link on this page. For information on how to make a submission, go to our Making a submission to a Parliamentary Inquiry page.

Membership of Treaties Committee can be found here

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