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North Maclean Protest

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Keep Karawatha Forest a Conservation Area

Last Updated on 12 August 2020

Karawatha Forest is a conservation area of unique value.

It is listed in the globally respected PPBio with items such as the Amazon Rainforest. It is a sensitive environment for both local plants and animals. It is part of a State Government gazetted corridor stretching from Karawatha Forest to the QLD NSW border.

The Brisbane City Council has an excellent program to develop Oxley Creek as a unique Flora and Fauna watching experience for local and international visitors. A visit to Karawatha Forest can be a supplementary activity for these visitors to see unique wildlife in another Australian ecosystem. This helps bring tourist dollars and jobs to the area.

The Forest has been acquired with funds from the Bushland Levy and with donations from the State Government
“to preserve the natural environment by conserving the ecology of the Forest”.

We petition the Brisbane City Council to abide by the original objective for the acquisition of all parts of Karawatha Forest and to:

  • develop safe walking trails in Karawatha Forest
  • have signage encouraging people to use ONLY walking trails
  • have an advertising program encouraging ecotourism in Oxley Creek and Karawatha Forest
  • exclude any wheeled vehicle, particularly mountain bikes and quad bikes. ( Vehicles for the Disabled and prams are allowed ) 
  • exclude pets ( Assistance Dogs allowed )
  • resource effective monitoring of conditions of entry in order to safeguard the biodiversity and sensitive integrity of the Forest.

Karawatha Forest has 2 road frontages with Logan City and is a great asset to residents of and visitors to Logan. 

LACA encourages all who appreciate and value the ecosystem services provided by a forested area to sign the petition

Keep Karawatha Forest a Conservation Area petition 

It is also important that politicians at all levels of government hear from those of us who enjoy the quiteness the forest watching and observing the flora and fauna of the forest.

This is an especially important aspect of mental health and wellbeing.


AGM Thursday September 24 2020 Beaudesert

Last Updated on 23 July 2020

Our Logan and Albert Conservation Association AGM will be held on Thursday September 24 2020 at Beaudesert Arts and Information Centre starting at 7.30pm

A new management committee will be elected by financial members and outgoing members will report back on our activities. The AGM will be followed by a short general meeting. 

All who have an interest in helping to conserve the values of the natural environment and promoting a sustainable lifestyle are invited to consider joining our association. 

Logan and Albert Conservation Association covers both Scenic Rim Regional Council and Logan City areas - urban, suburban, rural, peri-urban, emerging communities with Bromelton, Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone developing within the two council areas. 

endangeredSouth East Queensland is a biodiversity hotspot whose landscapes and species are challenged by the advancing pressures of human settlements and developments. By joining Logan and Albert Conservation Association, LACA, you can help to influence and promote ecologically sustainable development.

Visitors are always welcome to attend our meetings.  

Come along to any meeting to share with us your story and hear ours.



Last Updated on 14 August 2017

NOTHING IS PROTECTED along corridor for section of

INLAND RAIL Calvert - Acacia Ridge ARTC 2017/7944 

prepared by Ted Fensom of Wildlife Qld and BREC - Brisbane Region Environment Council

This could involve clearing of about 500 hectares of koala and fauna habitat and near natural grasslands without any clarity on a range of sustainable fauna outcomes. This clearing could increase for each of haul roads, access roads, dumps, lay down areas, cuttings and depots. A combined EIS under

A combined EIS under bilaterals is proposed. The Coordinator General's Terms of Reference COG's TOR is yet to come out. See EPBC 2017/7944- controlled action documents 
The Acacia Ridge to Port of Brisbane rail mentioned in Senate estimates is still a matter of State- Federal negotiations.
Tunnels proposed at Woollamin are Woollamin 1 length of 1.1 km and Woollamin 2 200 metres. Information on the Ebenezer crossing is needed
Vegetation will be remapped for Regional Ecosystems, but that does not necessarily disclose High Value Regrowth, Old Growth, Rare and Threatened Species or classification of near natural grasslands or Biodiversity Hotspots under CNCCS or SEQB BPA .


Where are our WILD KOALAS?

Last Updated on 30 April 2017

Where are our WILD KOALAS?

In order to draw greater public awareness to the plight of the wild koala a special day is being promoted amongst many wildlife rescue and care groups to celebrate Australia's national icon - the wild koala - one who lives in natural bushland areas, is able to move freely across his or her home range and if a young male move out to find a mate.

May 3 is international Wild Koala Day #WildKoalaDay 

2017 is the second year only for this event with many wildlife rescue and care groups holding events and walks in bushland.  

Wherever you are around the world you can participate in this event! 

Koalas need much greater attention to have general public understand that koalas need trees to survive.

wild koala day1

In addition to the specialized diet of gum leaves - with only a small number among the 700 species of eucalypt trees being eaten - the myth that they do not drink water is being challenged regularly as many photos are posted in online media showing koalas drinking from bottles, hoses, bowls, pools etc. It seems that the gum leaves may no longer provide enough moisture to allow digestion of the highly toxic gum leaves. Research has shown toxicity is increased by increased levels of carbon dioxide. 


KOALAS - not considered in draft SEQRP

Last Updated on 30 April 2017

How can we better 'protect' koalas in SEQ?

Unless we take actions NOW the days of seeing koalas moving freely in the wild ie open bushland areas are numbered - and reducing daily where people and our human needs do not also consider other species in our "business as usual" daily lives.

That there is no koala chapter in the draft SEQ plan is incomprehensible and totally unacceptable Logan and Albert Conservation Association [LACA] members and Wildlife Logan members believe.

That public display depends on the Koala Inquiry and DEHP's Koala Unit is unacceptable. Regardless of any recommendations from these other bodies our iconic koala and its protection MUST be included in any planning / visionary planning for SEQ and other areas of Queensland where koalas are still surviving.


Controlled action at MIRVAC Greenbank East site

Last Updated on 30 April 2017

Controlled action at MIRVAC Greenbank East site - caretaker's cottage

As LACA president Anne Page is involved with all matters relating to protecting endangered and vulnerable wildlife particularly in the PDA ie Priority Development Area of Greater Flagstone, she has alerted EPBC referral officers to an approval given to MIRVAC to clear vegetation by Queensland Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning (DILGP) on the 7th February 2017 - approved the operational works and removal of vegetation for a caretaker’s dwelling and for bushfire reduction on a MIRVAC property at 96 – 102 Brightwell Street, Greenbank DEV 814. 

WHY is LACA Logan and Albert Conservation Association concerned?

This property lies within the area mapped by MIRVAC as AREA 3 (EPBC 7817 & DEV 768) which is now under a controlled action (Federal Government Decision Notice dated 15 December 2016). 

DEV 814: 96 – 102 BRIGHTWELL ST, GREENBANK (LOT 205 on RP845844)


No consultation in PDA at North Maclean EP for 820 Greenbank Road

Last Updated on 30 April 2017

NO DECISION YET for 820 Greenbank Rd .
The decision timeline has been extended by 15-20 days apparently because the applicants have agreed to this.
This gives our community more time to lobby and get organized. This is a small win but an important one which has come about as a result of successflly campaigning on behalf of the community.

Please see next article for ideas to help you MAKE YOUR OWN SUBMISSION

This comes despite the verbal assertion by state government planning assessment officer is that a

decision will be made on or before Wednesday 27 January 2016.

Community is being denied a formal consultation process but despite this we can - and should - communicate our concerns to  state and federal government!! 


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