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North Maclean Protest

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Concerns about process at 820 Greenbank Rd North Maclean in PDA Greater Flagstone

Last Updated on 07 February 2016

GREATER FLAGSTONE is supposed to be one of Queensland's  "master planned satellite cities" with planning decisions made by state government - not local councils. 

Yet Queensland Government agency DEPARTMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE, LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND PLANNING has not included local community in any of its planning meetings for North Maclean proposed Enterprise Precinct. There have obviously been detailed meetings with local government Logan City Council and developers as revealed when DAs are added to EDQ website for PDAs.

820GreenbankRd satellite view outlineCurrently a seach shows that there are 11 applications relating to Greater Flagstone and 30 applications that have been approved - some in Pub Lane, Teviot Road, Jimboomba, North Maclean, Undullah, Kagaru, New Beith, Cedar Grove. There has never been any community consultation arranged for these 31 applications and as a "master planned city" there is NO CONCEPT PLAN for the "city" which is devoid of adequate infrastructure.

Public notification has not been well displayed - if at all.

820 Greenbank Road is DEV2015/727 by The Planning Place  Lot 2 on RP868726 has 14 documents

 Action Community has delayed a decision date for 15-20 days after 27 January - apparently an extension granted by applicant?

This gives community and concerned residents more time to make further representations to EDQ state MPs and local politicans.

Submitted Application



No consultation in PDA at North Maclean EP for 820 Greenbank Road

Last Updated on 04 February 2016

NO DECISION YET for 820 Greenbank Rd .
The decision timeline has been extended by 15-20 days apparently because the applicants have agreed to this.
This gives our community more time to lobby and get organized. This is a small win but an important one which has come about as a result of successflly campaigning on behalf of the community.

Please see next article for ideas to help you MAKE YOUR OWN SUBMISSION

This comes despite the verbal assertion by state government planning assessment officer is that a

decision will be made on or before Wednesday 27 January 2016.

Community is being denied a formal consultation process but despite this we can - and should - communicate our concerns to  state and federal government!! 

On 1 February 2013, the Urban Land Development Authority ULDA was replaced by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ), a commercialised business unit within the department. Development applications for priority development areas are now assessed by the department. In some instances, the assessment of development applications has been delegated by the Minister for Economic development to the relevant local government authority. This has not happened in Logan City for Greater Flagstone PDA nor  Yarrabilba PDA

Within Greater Flagstone PDA there are several discrete land areas - not sharing a common boundary. NORTH MACLEAN INDUSTRIAL PRECINCT is one such land parcel. Again within this NMEP there are 5 separate landowners / developers who have or will submit development applications to the state government MEDQ. 

Currently the largest land parcel the WEARCO site is being assessed - using the process of preliminary documentation - for impact on federally endangered species under EPBC 2013/6941. Community had a short time to make comments - to the developer who then "responded" to our concerns to the federal government. The significance of sightings of spotted-tail quoll reported within range of the proposed NMEP should not be discounted. 

Although there will be no public notification period for 820 Greenbank Road to subdivide 1 lot into 12 industrial sites with an area of "open space", you can send in a comment about the documents which are now online.  

View the latest development applications Then select Priority Development Areas (PDAs) which are parcels of land within Queensland, identified for specific accelerated development with a focus on economic growth. They were "identified" in the SEQRP South East Queensland Regional Plan - due for review this year 2016.

Look for Application #DEV2015/727. The application has been accepted "as properly made". The traffic impact assessment and concept civil engineering services report disclose some ROAD PLANNING of interest to the local community. This includes proposed new industrial collector access road connecting from Greenbank Road and using existing Willowbrok Road reserve. Greenbank Road  remains 2 lane with 4 lanes planned for Cusack and Scotts Lanes. Hardly "lanes" at 4 lanes while  Mount Lindesay Highway (in name only) is 2 lanes.

Community will be able to make an informal submission / comment. This information is from verbal comment from Queensland Government  Department of  Local Government  Infrastructure and Planning  DLGIP who advise that a State Government decision is due on or before 27 January 2016.

We can also phone and email local MP Linus Power, Minister Jackie Trad, as well as Senators Joanna Lindgren, Larissa Waters, Scott Buchholz  to request that they make urgent representations to not approve this application.

Some contact details are available here

Senator Joanna Lindgren's contacts are available here.

Contact Economic Development Queensland's Development Assessment team by: Phone: (07) 3452 7437

•  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Send your submission / comments here and consider cc'ing other contacts as well.


Murray’s Reserve and the LACA alternative

Last Updated on 19 December 2015

An analysis of Council’s nature playground proposal for Murray’s Reserve and the LACA alternative


Once believed to be extinct, the only known natural community of the endangered tree Gossia gonoclada left in the world was re-discovered in the late 1980s along the banks of Slacks Creek on Murray’s farm and in what is now Murray’s Reserve.  This community numbers around 50 plants, making it one of Australia’s rarest trees. It is listed as ‘endangered’ under the Federal EPBC Act.  

Within Murray’s Reserve 75 rainforest flora species including Gossia gonoclada form an important patch of subtropical lowland rainforest partially buffered by other ecosystem types within and beyond the Reserve.   Subtropical lowland rainforest only occurs in Australia between Grafton NSW and Maryborough Qld. Because ninety two per cent of it has been cleared since settlement, Sub tropical lowland rainforest is listed as critically endangered under the Federal EPBC Act.

Australia has a very poor record when it comes to protecting our native plants and animals, losing more mammal and plant species over the past 200 years than any other country.  The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List now puts Australia in the top five nations for extinction of animal and plant species, and the top 10 for the number of species currently in danger of extinction. (1)

Gossia gonoclada at Murray's ReserveGossia gonoclada at Murray's Reserve

Clearly, Australian governments have failed to provide protection of the habitat of the country’s most endangered species, with 90% of the 120 most endangered animals having few safeguards around loss of their habitats.  Recovery plans, with the best intentions, consistently fail in practice to provide genuine measures to limit habitat loss.  Indeed it can be argued that, due to the failure to protect habitat in any realistic way, successive governments at all levels are unwittingly helping to entrench the process of extinction across our landscape.

It is with these considerations in mind that LACA believes Council’s ‘nature playground’ proposal for Murray’s Reserve  is in need of further consideration with respect to whether, in its current location, it is really compatible with the primary aims of the Reserve, which are to provide  adequate protection of the endangered species/plant community on the site.  




To help inform this process LACA has prepared the following submission which analyses the Council proposal and puts forward an alternative aimed at strengthening the Murray’s Reserve habitat while still providing for significant community outcomes in this unique part of Logan City.

 LACA’s alternative proposal -Complete document


Trans Pacific Partnership Q and A

Last Updated on 06 December 2015

Trans Pacific Partnership Q and A

Q:  What is the TPP?

A: ‘TPP’ stands for the Trans Pacific Partnership – a so-called free trade deal between 12 nations rimming the Pacific Ocean.  It is really more about entrenching multinational corporate power than free trade, with only six out of the thirty negotiation chapters in the treaty having anything to do with trade. The signatory nations are Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Chile, Peru, Japan, and Mexico. It is the biggest ‘free trade’ deal in history. Australia still needs to ratify its agreement through possible legislative changes, and this is likely to happen in February 2016, if these changes are passed by the Senate. The TPP contains ISDS (corporate powers to sue in offshore tribunals), allowing multinationals to bypass our legal system and sue Australia, offshore in a foreign tribunal, if they believe at any time that our environmental and other public interest laws are impacting their profits here. 

Q: Will the TPP benefit Australia economically?

A: There is great doubt around this. The TPP is often described as not about trade but about enforcing the rights of multinational corporations to over-rule democratic governments, their citizens and communities.  Australia’s Productivity Commission – established to give independent advice to the Government on economic matters - as recently as June 2015 was deeply critical of Australia's latest series of free trade agreements, saying they ‘grant legal rights to foreign investors not available to Australians, expose the government to potentially large unfunded liabilities and add extra costs on businesses attempting to comply with them’.

Under the TPP, some tariff changes for Australian agriculture exporters will be slowly lowered in stages over years, but on the negative side, for example, labelling of national origin of foods is very likely to be prohibited, impacting on local producers and retailers who currently proudly promote their products on the basis of ‘made in Australia.’ The Philippines may in the future join the TPP, meaning that our banana industry could face disease threats. 

Trade policies are contentious because they are approximately zero-sum games. There are domestic winners and losers, and although the national welfare gain is not zero, it is usually small. Unlike a good health or social policy, which can make everyone a winner, a trade policy tends to pit the interests of one part of the community against those of another

Q:  What is ISDS?


The ISDS campaign

Last Updated on 06 December 2015

The ISDS campaign

After climate change, ISDS is the greatest threat we face as environmentalists in this country.

ISDS in the Trans Pacific Partnership and other free trade deals: ‘Environmental ‘end of days’?

The recent Climate Rallies were great demonstrations of community commitment and engagement, with up to 10000 people in Brisbane, 60000 in Melbourne and Sydney. But that kind of democratic action will come to mean little under the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) with Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) inclusions. 

In the future, peaceful environment rallies and court challenges against huge coal mines or gas hubs will simply be by-passed and over-ridden in offshore arbitration tribunals, away from our legal system, by multinationals using the ISDS weapon in free trade deals like the TPP. We will have no say through our customary democratic or legal processes. Even State Governments and local council regulations can be subject to ISDS attack under the TPP.

While mumbling that he has negotiated protections for the environment, what  Federal Trade Minister, Andrew Robb is really ecstatic about is that he has managed to deliver, embedded in the TPP, the perfect neoliberal solution to curtailing what he and his conservative colleagues have been calling ‘green tape’ and ‘lawfare’.  

And the TPP with its ISDS clauses, is certainly not going to offer the environment any ‘protection’. New York arbitration lawyer George Kahale, chairman of the world’s leading legal arbitration firm – Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP said about ISDS in the TPP: 

‘If the trade minister (Andrew Robb) is saying, “We’re not at risk for regulating environmental matters”, then the trade minister is wrong

Other commentators agree: 



Last Updated on 26 November 2015

What is happening re NORTH MACLEAN and proposed ENTERPRISE PRECINCT NMEP?

and what YOU can do now.

Have you signed the petition yet - and shared?


The decision from the EPBC section of federal government under Federal MP Greg Hunt is still pending. Those of us in community who were appalled by the lack of information provided for assessment understand that more information has been requested by EPBC assessment team.

Regardless of the conditions still to be set down by EPBC, community will then raise our concerns with the Queensland State government and specifically EDQ which is the planning authority for PDAs

 Further information can be checked from the following link


NORTH MACLEAN is part of the Greater Flagstone UDA and included in the approved Development Scheme available at http://www.dilgp.qld.gov.au/resources/plan/pda/greater-flagstone-development-scheme.pdf

Community action must continue with State Government to achieve best possible outcomes for environment and community.  

To date development favours development industry without genuine accountability for quadruple bottom line targets.

Consider joining our conservation organisation. Always keep an eye out for wildlife and


Engage with your community - face to face - or online. We have formed a group 

Logan Community Environment Watch


NORTH MACLEAN - What YOU can do to help

Last Updated on 29 July 2015

As a community and as an individual we can ALL take an action / actions to voice our concerns and displease about the current state of affairs.

Let's speak out loudly and clearly that we expect to have a voice when it is our community that is impacted. New Queensland government have said they will listen to community!

Will they hear our community?




Details in this document NORTH-MACLEAN_What-YOU-can-do.doc


Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PO BOX 6022 House of Representatives

Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600


Mr Scott Buchholz ( ph  5541 0150)

Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

111 Brisbane St, Beaudesert Qld 4285



Last Updated on 12 July 2015

Our petition  SIGN IT HERE 


Crowson lane and Stanley Court koala and joey


Ask Federal MP Greg Hunt to


Dear Minister Hunt, 

Please reject the development application for the proposed North Maclean Enterprise Precinct at North Maclean, South-East Queensland which involves clearing 289 acres of koala and quoll habitat.

 Why is this important?

There are significant environmental and community concerns

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Sign to support our petition here

Since 1996, the environmental concerns raised by the community at North Maclean and Munruben have never been addressed. There have been numerous sightings of vulnerable Koalas on and around the property. There have been numerous sightings of endangered Spotted-Tailed Quolls in adjacent properties - these quoll sightings have been the first in the Greater Brisbane Area since the 1930s . Quoll roadkill has been collected from the area confirming the presence of quolls in this area. The proposed site provides valuable habitat for koalas, quolls and other threatened species including the endangered grey headed flying fox, the Swift Parrot and the vunerable Glossy Black Cockatoo. 
There have been no detailed impact assessments of industry on these vulnerable/threatened species. No frog or reptile studies have ever been carried out. 
By signing the petition, you are asking Minister Greg Hunt to REJECT the North Maclean Enterprise (Industry) Precinct proposal. You will be giving our unique Koalas, Spotted-tailed Quolls and other Endangered/Vulnerable wildlife of North Maclean and Munruben a chance of survival. If this development application is approved at North Maclean, 117 hectares (approx. 289 acres) of koala food and shelter habitat will be totally cleared. The major threat to koalas is the loss of habitat. This vast proposed site is only 45% of what is eventually planned for the koala habitat of North Maclean. This current application is a dangerous precedent in the area that should not be approved.

COMMUNITY CONCERNS Sign to support our petition here


Logan Community Environment Watch - public group

Last Updated on 27 May 2015

New public group on Facebook so that community can participate in discussions  on any planning proposals that impact community and environment within Logan City boundaries. There are currently several planning proposals / development applications DA  / material change of use MCU that have not / do not make adequate provisions for appropriate community consultations. 

The Greater Flagstone PDA covers a total area of 7188 hectares. It is located west of the Jimboomba and the Mount Lindesay Highway, along the Brisbane-Sydney rail line. It includes part of the suburb of NORTH MACLEAN and the area being identified as NMEP North Maclean Enterprise Precinct. This was previously called MLNBSA Mt Lindesay North Beaudesert Study Area in the SEQRP Southeast Queensland Regional Plans.

This public group invites community members to join, after reading description of guidelines of participation. Click image to go to Facebook.

LoganCommunityEnvironmentWatch FB


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