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KOALAS - not considered in draft SEQRP

How can we better 'protect' koalas in SEQ?

Unless we take actions NOW the days of seeing koalas moving freely in the wild ie open bushland areas are numbered - and reducing daily where people and our human needs do not also consider other species in our "business as usual" daily lives.

That there is no koala chapter in the draft SEQ plan is incomprehensible and totally unacceptable Logan and Albert Conservation Association [LACA] members and Wildlife Logan members believe.

That public display depends on the Koala Inquiry and DEHP's Koala Unit is unacceptable. Regardless of any recommendations from these other bodies our iconic koala and its protection MUST be included in any planning / visionary planning for SEQ and other areas of Queensland where koalas are still surviving.

Statements in draft SEQ plan include:

"Koalas in SEQ: To ensure koala management in SEQ is informed by evidence and renowned expertise. Implementation actions are underway." with EHP (lead) and DILGP SEQ LGs DNRM involvement.

Consider making and emailing a submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

for koalas.

Why are koalas not considered in Measures that Matter?

The following are our recommended actions to be included in Table 22 - and funded!

Some recommendations from LACA and Wildlife Logan members include

  • The Koala should be declared Endangered in SEQ and vulnerable elsewhere. The protection of Koala Habitat is not there in the SPP. The redefinition of High Value Regrowth as a major habitat warrants mapping, documentation and  immediate protection.
  • Tipping Point Koala Population Surveys should occur as well as updating of Moggill EHP and 3 other database statistics
  • The mapping of the remaining koala habitat should occur in Somerset, Scenic Rim, Toowoomba,  Lockyer, Logan and BCC and Sunshine Coasts hinterlands and either side of the Bruce Highway etc using SEQ Catchments koala mapping  methodology.
  • A separate map is needed in the Plan. Protection of Koala Habitat is needed in the SPRP       
  • The accurate Essential Koala Habitat Mapping by DEHP should be retained to contest the one day surveys by consultants where no koalas are found.
  • Stopping land clearing should occur under the Vegetation Management Act applying and using TPIs or Temporary Local Planning Instruments for Vegetation and new instruments in  Planning Schemes  
  • ROAD KILL needs to be factored into road infrastructure with provisions for koala proof fencing, fauna overpasses, road speed down speed changes, flashing signage and road and street furniture or Green Fauna Infrastructure.
  • Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices MUTCD needs to be harmonised for koalas and another wildlife movement corridors!!  
  • Many Major Arterials - Boondall, Bruce Highway, Warrego Highway, New Toowoomba Bypass, Mt Lindesay Highway, Logan Motorway, Ripley Road and Brisbane Valley Highway  require retro fitting and fencing. Overpasses and dry cell underpasses like Brisbane's Compton Road facilities at Karawatha-Kuraby have proven to be successful.  
  • Reducing the ninety percent Euthanasia rates at the 4 Koala Labs with legislative / protocol and permit changes facilitated by vaccine availability, splint and bone/joint devices availability and enhanced carer support and recovery incentives.   
  • Core areas MUST be created for new private National Parks with  broad hectare acquisition in the  Koala Coast, Somerset, Coomera, Ipswich  Mt Forbes /Warrill creek and Scenic Rim areas.
  • The creation of planted corridors cross country in Ipswich,  Somerset,  and Koala Coast etc on easements, riparian zones, road reserves and with new tenures and freehold agreements and fencing is urgently warranted. The success of the planted  Doraghys corridor in NQld linking lake Barrine National Park across freehold  and to another NP  has Cassowaries using it. 
  • The policies on domestic dogs should  be enhanced  and trapping programs for wild dogs upgraded x agencies. 161 of 281 dead koalas were killed by dogs during construction of state government project for Moreton Bay Rail. This is totally unacceptable - and preventable with better management.                                                                                                               Your submission - to be considered must be 'properly made' and include your name address signature and date.      

Thanks must be given to Ted Fensom from Wildlife Logan and BREC ( Brisbane Region Environment Council) and SEQ Koala Alliance for providing the above points for community members to adapt for their own submissions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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