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FROGS at EcoExpo

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

This year 2008 is INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE FROG. The current amphibian extinxtion crisis is one of the greatest conservation challenges in the history of humanity. We are on the verge of losing much of an entire vertebrate class and the window of opportunity to stem the extinctions is closing.


The Amphibian Ark has launched this global campaign to generate public awareness and understanding of the amphibian extinction crisis. Please consider supporting this campaign by signing the petition to politicians and parliaments of the world. This is available online here.

Read more to find the two frog drawings to colour in and bring along to EcoExpo for opportunity to receive a prize.


Come along to LACAs stand at the EcoExpo and see a demonstration frog pond you can easily construct in your backyard. If we construct a suitable frog habitat area then it is very likely that we will soon have local species of frogs in our backyards. In addition our backyard gardening practices need to be eco-friendly. Gardening practices that help wildlife include reducing the use of chemicals, conserving energy and water, and composting to help to improve air, water and soil quality. Perth Zoo website provides two useful factsheets - frog friendly gardens and 10 steps to creating a frog friendly garden.

FOCUS on FROGS members are joining with us for this display. Visit their website www.focusonfrogs.com for information about local SEQ frogs. Students bring in your colouring in sketches with your pledge to protect frogs and their habitat and you may collect a prize. We will have some live frogs for your observation. This is possible only by obtaining a permit from NPWS. frogs_ecoexpo.jpg

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