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The end of our furry friends?

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

Can you imagine our country without koalas? Well incredibly for the first time in our history, the future is dire for one of our national icons - film from Today Tonight can be accessed from this page. Scroll down to view the story. Business as usual urban development where trees are cleared causes stress and stress induced disease chlamydia follows with dire consequences.


No governments are willing to prevent the extinction of the koala in its natural state by legislating to protect the koalas' habitat - eucalyptus forests with connectivity between bushland areas so that koalas may move safely between areas.

Will they only survive in zoos and sanctuaries? But not even sanctuaries are protected from 'development' if they stand in the path of essential community infrastructure - such as schools and freight corridors.

I this the progress you want for your descendants? What will be next? Too late when the species is extinct. How much do we really need? How much is greed?

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